Center for Fitness and Physical Preparation (CFP)

is an exclusive center for training and recreation, as well as complete revitalization of the body.

The CFP is located in Novi Beograd, in the new residential and business district called "A Blok". An area of over 70m2 is equipped with modern Western technology, and designed for pleasant and enjoyable training treatment in order to achieve harmony between Body, Mind and Performance.

Our motto is "Unlocking Your potential", as we deeply believe that we have enough knowledge, experience and capacity (in close cooperation with you), to take the best from your physical and biological potential and to develop the best version of you.

The concept of CFP is personal training “1 on 1”, fully private with high professional service. The CFP has two coaches, Jelena and Marko who are generators of the CFP.

Coach Jelena CV Coach Marko CV

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The Center for Fitness and Physical Preparation has a modern and fully equipped fitness area that is offering the most famous, well known, state of the art fitness equipments and cardio machines (TechnoGym, LifeFitness, Hammer Strength, Kaiser and Ziva).

The CFP offers its members pleasant atmosphere for training, kindness and above all the expertise of coaches, personal training, stretching and much more.

Why you should choose the Center for Fitness and Physical Preparation?

• Exclusive 5-star Fitness Center

• Highly educated and experiences coaches with international career and rich sport career

• Fantastic venue and company

• The latest TechnoGym, LifeFitness and Kaiser machines and equipment

• Pleasant atmosphere for working out

• A special price offers available.

Our Mission

Get moving – I want to improve my quality of life through exercise!

Be strong for life – I want to be stronger!

Low back pain prevention – I want to prevent back pain!

Weight management – I want to lose weight!

Body toning – I want to improve the tone in my buttock, legs and torso!

Stress relief – I want to eliminate stress through exercise!

Diabetes management – I want to manage my diabetes conditioning better!

You! – we want to make you satisfied!

Our address is Urosa Martinovica 17/2, A Blok, Lamella D, Novi Beograd, Serbia

In case all parking slots around Center of Fitness and Physical Preparation are occupied, you can always find free slot in public garage, just 40m away from CFP (one hour of use is 100 Dinars only).

Most welcome to visit us from 30.11.2020.

Our working hours is from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm every working day.